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FJ Holdings is a Category Manager of Trading Cards and accessories focusing on the distribution of merchandise on a Pay-On-Scan/Vendor Managed Inventory Basis. FJ Holdings distributes, services and manages various merchandise lines for industry leading manufactures of trading cards. A few of these manufacturers include Pokémon, Konami, Wizards of the Coast, and Topps.

It has always been FJ Holdings goal to build strong working relationship with clients and vendors in order to meet and surpass sales and merchandising objectives. FJ Holdings currently distributes and manages inventory to many major retailers throughout the country including, but not limited to, Walmart, FYE/TransWorld Entertainment, Spencers Gift's, Wegmans and Dunham's.

The internal structure of a multi-tier management force along with state of the art technology and CRM/ERP systems has enabled FJ Holdings to become the pioneer distributor of trading cards on a Pay-On-Scan basis. With unique industry expertise and dedication to continuous process improvement, FJ Holdings vows to maintain our place at the top of the trading card industry.



FJ Holdings is an innovator in the execution, management and distribution of Pay-on-Scan/Vendor Managed Inventory programs. This unique Pay-on-Scan program generates triple net profits for our retail partners as they are no longer burdened with the aspects of owning and servicing the inventory, including managing pilferage, inventory levels, and merchandising.

Bringing to the table over 15 years experience delivering profitable services and products to all sectors of retail outlets including; Discount, Sporting Goods, Grocery, Consumer Electronics, Book, and Dollar Stores, FJ Holdings clearly stands out from its competition.

FJ Holdings is a one stop shop for all retail needs, managing every aspect of the category from working with multiple manufacturers, to merchandising in store space allocations. In addition, FJ Holdings develops and manufactures exclusive product offerings unique to any on the market, delivering great value to the end consumer.


The team at FJ Holdings works closely together to maximize the retail distribution of our products and stay on top of the latest product trends...


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